Yiqiang Zhan

        Professional titleProfessor

        PositionDirector of Micro-nano System Center


        Office phone66554725

Yiqiang Zhan held a BS in Physics from Fudan University in China in 2000, and he received his Ph. D. in Condensed Matter Physics from Fudan University in 2005. Then in 2007, he completed his postdoctoral research in CNR ISMN, Italy and the co-supervisor is Prof. Alek Dediu. Before he joined Fudan University in 2011,he served on the assistant professor of IFM in Linkoping university from 2007 to 2010. Zhan now is a professor in School of Information Science and Technology, Fudan University.

Prof. Zhan has been engaged in the research of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid semiconductor optoelectronic devices and flexible electronic devices.He has published more than 50 research papers in Science, Adv. Mater., Adv. Fun. Mater., Nano Energy, JMCA and other journals, which were cited over 3000 times. Prof. Zhan was selected into the Pujiang talent plan of Shanghai in 2012 and won the second prize of 2013 Shanghai Natural Science Award. He has been invited by Nature, Advanced Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry A/C, Organic Electronics and other international academic journals as reviewers for many times. He was also invited to serve as an expert in the international appraisal of the US Department of energy's scientific research projects, the Romanian National Development and innovation Commission, the University of Macau and the Hong Kong research funding Bureau.

His leading team has preliminarily completed the key technical research on the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells. At present, the efficiency has exceeded 22%, and has excellent water oxygen stability. At present, Prof. Zhan has undertaken a series of national key scientific research tasks, such as large area compound semiconductor thin film solar cell technology on flexible substrate.